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Lone Parent Support Programme

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Leading on from the support we began giving clients over the lock down period we are launching an innovative new programme to help them stay work-ready for employers in the new normal and provide a safe, engaging learning environment in which they can build skills to do so.

Through the programme we will provide:

  • Weekly Employability Training - building both employability and self-empowerment skills

  • Business and Enterprise Workshops - encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation

  • Health and Wellbeing Workshops - to develop and stimulate healthy habits and mindsets in participants

  • Monthly Financial Management Workshops - to promote responsible budgeting and healthy saving habits

  • E-learning Courses - to provide accredited courses that close participants' skill gaps and enhance their employability

We want to help participants regain confidence following a challenging period, to stay motivated to grow and develop and to be equipped for progress and success in their futures.

Thanks to our partner the Kent Community Foundation for providing funding for this initiative!

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