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UK Online Centres

Join our UK Online centre and Learn your way


We are a UK Online Centre and we deliver Basic online and Online plus courses for anyone in the community. Courses ranges from using computers to job-search skills, completing public and private sector forms, health courses, literacy and numeracy skill and many more...


Here are three different learning themes - topics that we use alongside digital learning to help learners to  get the most out of their developing skills.

  • Health: Getting online can improve learners' access to health information and help them manage their own wellbeing.

  • Jobs and skills: Finding, applying and progressing in jobs requires online skills.

  • Maths: Maths is a skill that everyone could use a little help whatever stage they're at, and computers can help along the way.

  • Safety: Know how to keep yourself  safe online. Find out more about online safety

  • Many more......

Contact us or visit our centre to learn more

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