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Coaching and Training

CCT is now an NCFE approved centre. We offer accredited courses that will help our customers gain qualifications to attract prospective employers to their CVs. Many employers value these qualifications to set employees apart and CCT is happy to provide them for whoever requires them.


We offer other trainings in First Aid, Health and Safety, Food Hygiene, Manual Handling, Customer Service, Confidence Building and Assertiveness, various Microsoft office packages and many courses by e-learning.


Moreover, our training deliveries would ensure that the end users will learn employability skills in preparation to look for work and receive training in getting their CVs to attract the right employers, effective job application, covering letters, completing application forms, interview skills, acting on feedbacks and the whole job search process.


The unique point of CCT is in the tailored training to individual end user’s needs. End users can determine what they require and will not necessarily need to go through the whole project outline and thus will prevent time wastage. Our aim is to genuinely help customers with what they lack or specifically require.

A Training session @ our Strood Centre

A Training session in Tywdall Gillingham 

Accredited Training

CCT Ltd also aims to offer a broad range of qualifications such as City and Guilds, NVQs, BTEC etc as the business continues to progress.


The Coaching and Training Project is aimed at empowering, motivating, inspiring, coaching and training people in the community including the disadvantaged groups.


It aims to provide training ranging from basic skills training to obtaining formal qualifications. The CCT centre will be accessible to everyone in the community whether employed or unemployed; although discounted fees may be required of the employed while funding would be sourced for the unemployed on benefits.


Also, we aim to deliver training/ courses for SMEs and local organisations on site (in-plant courses) or through delegates’ attendance at our centre.


The centre will deliver training on:


  • Working with people

  • Developing Writing Skills

  • Improving Communication

  • Developing essential skills for the workplace

  • Microsoft office packages

  • Various e-learning packages

  • NVQs, BTEC etc.

  • Life in the UK

  • Leadership and Management Training


Other Services

Employability Training

These sessions focus on:

  • ​CV writing

  • Jobsearch Skills

  • Completing application forms

  • Interview Techniques

  • Telephone interviews

  • Till skills

  • Office skills



  • Parenting Skills

  • Educational Mentoring

  • Peer Support

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