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Teen and Young Parents

CCT aims to alleviate the educational, emotional and financial poverty experienced by Teenage and Young Parents (TYPs), who tend to exist outside the mainstream community and are usually cut off from social services and healthcare resources.


Our projects bridge the gap between TYPs, the challenges they face and the realisation of their potential for a better quality of life.

We deliver training and mentoring programmes tailored to individuals' specific needs in order to address a host of issues including:

  • Remedying homelessness

  • Improving skills and education

  • Breaking the cycle of imprisonment and re-offending

  • Dealing with depression resulting from abuse, poor self-image, family strife, ill health and poverty

We support disengaged teens and young parents to have the confidence to support, empower and mentor their peers.

CCT wants to support young parents, help fight the stigma and prejudice they might face and help them in making the best futures for themselves and their children
Our Programmes
TYP project programmes will be tailored to individual needs and achieved through:

  • A 12 Weeks Mentor-Me Programme: Goal setting and achieving peer coaching training

  • A 12 Weeks Education Development and Upskilling (E.D.U. ) programme: managing disruption to education arising from unplanned pregnancy

  • A 12 Weeks Young Parents Making a Change (Y-PMAC) programme: young parents social network, using social media initiatives and 24hr online support.

  • A 4 week Parenting skills training including Part-time work and Volunteering opportunities.

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