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Employment Success Stories

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Our Successful Programme Graduates go on to do Amazing Things

Many of our service users have gone on to gain employment following their training sessions and mentoring at CCT. Here's what some of our successfully employed service users had to say:

Ms F.H. said "I applied for sales assistant and got a job for floor manager and I managed 8 staff."
Ms A.C. said "I applied for the job few days ago at CCT while on voluntary reception duties and surprised to be called for interview the next day and had a job within a week, this is really good as I was given advice and prepared for the interview by CCT adviser."


J.B. was referred by Jobcentre Plus. In her action plan she felt she needed confidence building and a refresher of her I.T. skills. Her CV was completed and uploaded onto Universal Jobsmatch. She took part in her confidence building sessions and the short funded courses and the certification she gained were used to strengthen her CV. She developed work experience in office/ reception work.

Finally her time at CCT proved fruitful as she gained seasonal employment at the new Asda superstore in Gillingham. J.B. said that she gained a lot from the project's confidence building sessions. She identified several issues that had been causing her low self-esteem. Through her work experience at CCT she feels she has accomplished something in her life, now she is confidently setting goals and moving forward knowing that life is getting better everyday.


A.Q. referred herself to CCT as she was pleased to see the article in the Kent Messenger, regarding the support we offer single parents. On coming to our centre she already had two jobs, both on low income, in order to support her two children. Her action plan revealed her desire to improve her computer skills and she was eager to register online to ‘Learn My Way’ to see what courses were available to her.

A.Q. also wanted a better CV and considered it necessary to take full advantage of the free courses for single parents that were funded such as ‘Customer Service Skills’, ‘Business Workshop’, ‘Food and Hygiene’ and ‘Health and Safety’ to apply for better jobs. With her new certificates from these courses she applied and secured a better part-time job locally with a lot of career prospects.


If you would like to find out more about getting on one of our Lone Parent Resource Project courses contact us or click here for more information.

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