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Business Workshop and Enterprise Club Success Stories

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

CCT are excited to share with you some great news regarding some of our successful clients to come out of this years Lottery funded project. Thanks to the Award For All funding that has covered the past year.


Great news about S.A.C. who was referred by Jobcentre Plus, she had several issues and was very unmotivated. A CCT advisor encouraged her and helped her to establish her needs. The discussions gave her a new lease of life. She was handed her first CV and with excitement she joined the project, opting for 1-2-1 support opposed to joining a larger group. Her previous skills and experience were taken into account and through her support sessions business ideas began to emerge. The 1-2-1 Business workshop which she attended on a regular basis empowered her to start up her own business.

We are pleased to announce that S.A.C is now the joyful owner of ‘Pleasant Salon’ in Strood.


L.M. was self-referred and her action plan revealed that she was paying close attention to the ‘Business Workshop’ as she felt self-employment was the best way to achieve her goal of becoming an I.T. and gadget technician. She also took full advantage of the ‘Confidence building courses’.

She said that when she first came to the centre, particularly being part of the ‘Confidence Building’, she was at her lowest ebb; she was shy, worried about what people thought of her, unsure where she was mentally and uncertain about what she wanted to be in the future. But, through endeavouring to continue with the courses she felt much better about signing up and doing something for herself.

She soon discovered that she had more to offer her group through sharing her experiences; she has grown to find her voice in front of 28 people just telling them about herself and presenting her business! She said it was not so scary after all and pleased that she could finally speak in front of a large group of people.

Previously she had been told that she always mumbled, but now she was heard perfectly speaking with confidence and clarity; she had been told that she was too awkward to present anything but now she moved around, she made eye contact but most of all she generated genuine interest in her business.

Her first session in ‘Confidence Building’ helped her to identify the difference between confidence and self-esteem and this proved to be a great learning curve for her. She has since learned to accept compliments and reject unhelpful criticism. In her time with us she always felt a great boost and was filled with the confidence to achieve her goal.

CCT is extremely happy that L.M. is now set up as a self-employed I.T. and gadget technician. She has created her own website, leaflets and business cards and set up social media pages. She has truly blossomed into a very capable presenter of her business to groups of people.


If you would like to grow your experience and employability, get involved in one of our projects or sessions by clicking here for more information.

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