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Note Windows Disk Management tool requires user log on rights on the computer. For more information on this tool, see the Windows Disk Management section on Creating a partition or volume on disk. Once you have created the partition or volume, you must create a disk image. This is done by using the Windows Disk Image Utility. Disk images can be used for backup or restoring a computer. ## Disk Image Creation To create a disk image, you must select the source of the disk to be used as the backup of the partition or volume. This can be done by selecting the disk in the **Computer Management** tool. Select the **Disk Management** tab and then click the **Disk Image** option under **Storage** on the left-hand side of the window. From here, you can select the source of the image. You can create an image of an entire partition or volume, or create an image of a partition or volume within a disk that is already partitioned. Select **Create** to complete the process. This will create a disk image on



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Win64diskimager lauemi
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