LPRP impact and success stories

January 2016:  Update on 2015 Impact of Lone Parents Resource Project (LPRP)


Success stories from our Business Workshop and Enterprise Club

C.C.T. are excited to share with you some great news regarding  some of our successful clients to come out of this Lottery funded project. Thanks to the Award For All Funding for 2015. 

Great news about S .A. C who was referred by J.C.P, she had several issues and was not motivated to do anything.  C.C.T. adviser encouraged and later established her needs. The discussions gave her a new lease of life. She was handed her 1st  CV and with excitement  she joined the project on a 1-2-1 support refusing to join the group. Her previous skills and experience were taken into account and business ideas emerged. So, 1-2-1 Business workshop was offered on a regular basis and she felt empowered to start up her own business. We are pleased to announce that S.A.C is now the joyful owner of ‘Pleasant Salon’



 L M self-referred, her action plan revealed that she was paying close attention to the ‘Business Workshop’ as she felt self-employment was the way to go as her goal was to be an I.T. and gadget technician. She also took full advantage of the ‘Confidence building courses’.
She said that when she first came to the centre, particularly being part of the ‘Confidence Building’ she was at her lowest ebb, was shy, worried what people thought of her, unsure where she was mentally and where she wanted to be. But, through endeavouring to continue with the courses she felt much better about signing up and doing something for herself. She soon discovered that she had more to offer her group through sharing her experiences; she has also since found her voice in front of  28 people just telling them about herself and her business! She said it was not so bad after all and pleased that she could now do it. Previously she had been told that she mumbled her speech, but she was heard perfectly well, she had been told that she was too awkward to present anything but this day she moved around, she made eye contact but most of all she generated genuine interest in her business. Her first session in ‘Confidence Building’ helped her to identify the difference between confidence and self-esteem and to proceed with it was a great learning curve. She has since accepted compliments, and rejects unhelpful criticism. She always felt boosted and felt she can achieve her goal. C.C.T. is extremely happy that she is now set up as a self-employed I.T. and gadget technician. She has created her own website, leaflets and business cards and set up social media pages. She has truly blossomed into a very capable presenter of her business to groups of people.




Employment Good News stories

Our service users got employment after their training sessions and mentoring at CCT.

  • *Ms FH said "I applied for sales assistant and got a job for floor manager and I managed 8 staff".

  • *Ms AC said "I applied for the job few days ago at CCT while on voluntary reception duties and surprised to be called for interview the next day and had a job within a week, this is really good as I was given advice and prepared for the interview by CCT adviser.

  • *JB who was referred by J.C.P. In her action plan she felt she needed confidence building and to be refreshed in her I.T. skills. Her CV was completed and uploaded onto Universal Jobsmatch. She took part in her confidence building sessions and the short courses that are funded and the certification gained were added to her CV. She developed work experience in office/ reception work. Finally her time with C.C.T. proved fruitful as she gained seasonal employment at the new Asda in Gillingham. JB said that she gained a lot from the project's confidence building sessions. She identified several issues causing her low self-esteem. Through work experience at C.C.T. She felt she has accomplished something in her life, now she is confidently setting goals and moving forward knowing that life is getting better everday.

  • *A.Q, referred herself as she was pleased to see the article in the Kent Messenger, regarding support for single parents. She has two jobs already both on low income and two children to support.

    Her action plan revealed her desire to improve her computer skills and she was eager to register on-line to ‘Learn My Way’ to see what courses were available to her. AQ also wanted a better CV and considered it necessary to take full advantage of the free courses for single parents that were funded  such as ‘Customer Service Skills’, ‘Business Workshop’, ‘Food and Hygiene’ and ‘Health and Safety’ to apply for better jobs. with her new certificates. She applied and secured a better part-time job locally with a lot of career prospect.  

January 2015
CCT Launches a Project for Single Parents of all ages

CCT launched the Lone Parents Resource Project on the 6th of January 2015. The project was funded by Award for All (Big Lottery Fund) for the single parents of all ages in the Medway community. The Deputy Mayor and Deputy Mayoress Cllr. Ray and Buffy Maisey were the special guest of honour who launched the project. While opening the Plaque the deputy Mayor said" it is good to see the most needed project of this running in the community"

Also present were the local voluntary organisations and partners who promised their support for the project. this includes the CEO at Strood Community Project (Paul Robinson), Medway Voluntary Action, Bligh Children and Families centre, Jobcentreplus, professional volunteers, and training organisations. (see more details on Lone Parents Page)

The project has since commenced with first registration on the 6th of January.

Latest projects Funded

December 2014

  • CCT gets funded by Award for All

​ The Lone Parent Resource Project has been funded by Award for All part of the Big lottery fund to provide support and motivation for single parents in the Medway community. 

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