Community Coaching and Training
CCT Ltd is an organisation that aims at empowering the community through inspiration, motivation, coaching and training. Its “stewardship in action” philosophy is demonstrated through the design and delivery of cross-cultural social action programmes to:
  • Impact the community’s Teenage and Young Parents (TYP) demographics and the wider community by reducing the number of unemployed young parents and encouraging continuing education.
  • Equip teen, young and single parents with practical life skills and marketable abilities to contribute to the local economy.
  • Deliver business start-up initiatives, training and support to stimulate the local economy.
  • Facilitate training, coaching, mentoring and counselling agendas.
Our aims are to be delivered by way of a three pronged initiative of:
1. Lone Parents Resource Project
2.Teenage and Young Parents (TYP) Project
3. Coaching and Training Project



on various community projects

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Courses Available (Updated 04/01/16)

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January  - March 2016

11/01/16: Weekly Jobseach & Employability sessions

12/01/16: 1-2-1 CV Session

21/01/16: Weekly Mentoring Session

19/01/16: LP Income Empowerment

16/02/16: LP Income Empowerment

15/03/16: LP Income Empowerment






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Noah's Ark

We support a local church food bank, so please do not hesitate to let us know if you require assistant, support or help with food items. Contact us on 01634788808 or


The Lone Parents Resource Project


The Lone Parents Resource Project is aimed at:

  • Equipping and empowering single parents of all ages in readiness for sustainable jobs

  • Enhancement of career pathways.

  • Availablility to the unemployed as well as employed single parents on benefits and low income.

  • Promoting social inclusion and participation in the community

  • Engagement in various projects through CCT to develop end user’s confidence


This project will support the disadvantaged targeted group including teens, young and single parents in:

  • Confidence building

  • Getting sustainable employment

  • Empowerment through various certificated trainings

  • Tailoring deliveries to individual needs.

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Coaching and Training Project


CCT Ltd aims to offer qualifications such as City and Guilds, NVQs, BTEC etc as the business progresses. The Coaching and Training Project is aimed at empowering, motivating, inspiring, coaching and training people in the community including the disadvantaged groups.


It aims to provide training ranging from basic skills training to obtaining formal qualifications.The CCT centre will be accessible to everyone in the community whether employed or unemployed; although discounted fee may be required of the employed while funding would be sourced for the unemployed on benefits.


Also, we aim to deliver training/ courses for SMEs and local organisations on site (in-plant courses) or through delegates’ attendance at our centre.


The centre will deliver training on:


  • Working with people

  • Developing Writing Skills

  • Improving Communication

  • Developing essential skills for the workplace

  • Microsoft office packages

  • Various e-learning packages

  • NVQs, BTEC etc.

  • Life in the UK

  • Leadership and Management Training


Courses times

Monday: Motivation and Confidence 

Tuesday: Overcoming Barrier to Work

Wednesday: Online Training

Thursday: Job club and Business club


  • Courses tailored to individual's need.

  • 1-2-1 and group supports available

  • Work experience available

  • Volunteering opportunities

Contact the team on 01634788808 or use the contact form on this site.



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